The Major

Who administers and determines the requirements for the botany major?

The Department of Biology, which is within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), administers the botany major, which is a B.S. degree offered through both CLAS and the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS). The botany major website is also maintained by the Department of Biology.

Why do both CLAS and CALS offer the botany degree?

There is much important overlap in the study of plant biology between the two colleges. Students who are interested in botany may find a home in either place. Therefore, CALS offers a parallel degree in Botany, administered by the Department of Biology. There are minor differences between the botany degree earned through CALS and the degree earned through CLAS. See One major-two colleges for a complete description of these differences.

What departments teach classes in the major?

Most courses in the botany major are taught by faculty in the Department of Biology. There are also many complementary plant-focused courses offered in several departments within CALS. Many courses in CALS departments may also be taken for credit toward the botany degree. See Major requirements and  Courses for more information.