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Incoming students (including transfer students) do not apply directly to the Department of Biology, but rather to the University of Florida. The Department of Biology does not have input into which students are admitted, and therefore our faculty do not “select” particular students for our majors.

For students who want to transfer from a two-year junior college, the minimum transfer requirements are:

  • Biology (BSC 2010/2011 plus lab)
  • Chemistry (CHM 2045/2046 plus lab) and
  • Math [Calculus (MAC2311) for the Botanical Research track or Precalculus, Algebra and Trigonometry (MAC1147) for the General Botany track].

In addition to these courses we recommend that students complete the following “core” science coursework in their first two years: Organic Chemistry (CHM 2210/2211 plus lab), Physics (e.g., PHY 2048/2049 or PHY 2053/2054 plus lab), and Statistics (STA 2023). A detailed list of recommended steps for transfer students is available here